SafeMoon — AVAX is the most frictionless yield redistribution token on the Avalanche C-Chain. The vision of this project when it was created was to bring a highly legitimate and successful token to the AVAX network, and ultimately use that as a catalyst to facilitate user migration from other Smart Chains such as BSC and ERC-20.

Seeing the rapid growth of the token inspired us to further explore our vision. We wanted to combine the two main focuses we had for this project. Facilitating the growth of the C-Chain by:

1) Driving traffic to the AVAX network

2) Providing that traffic with a project that is safe with a team that they can believe in

The success of the launch was a clear indicator to us that, with the backing that we have already received, it was our responsibility to now maximize the utility of this token. The only logical path from here that will maximize the utility of this token, and also directly correlate with our vision for is to create an IDO Launchpad.

In doing so, we will directly be participating in providing a platform and gateway for more legitimate Avalanche C-Chain projects. We have been in this space long enough to know what we are doing, and are incredibly keen on seeing AVAX explode in terms of growth and along with it, provide those joining the network an ability to be a part of the C-Chain’s best projects.

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